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Welcome to The Litter Box
Kitty Rescue, Inc. website!

Kitty Paw Prints

Come join us for some SPOOKY fun!!!!!

Alcohol served from 9-11pm- pick your poison wisely!!

Kitty Paw Prints
Kitty Paw Prints
 We participated in The Shelter Challenge for our chance to win to a $100,000 grant!
We placed 3rd in the state of Indiana!!!! 
We received 50 pet beds! Thank you so much for your vote!

The previous Shelter Challenge we came in 4th in the state of Indiana thanks to your votes!
We were awarded with 25 lamb skin pet beds of the highest quality!  Our kitties love them!!
Thank you so much to Greater Good & The Animal Rescue Site!

Kitty Paw Prints
Kitty Paw Prints

Don't forget to check out our newest additions to the rescue!!!

Meet Cora, Abbot, Amos, Zayla, Shopia, Olive,
Dimitri, Rhodi, Collin, & Desmond

Box of Kittens

Kitty Paw Prints
Kitty Paw Prints 

Look for us at Petco on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month

Our adoption events will include lots of sweet kitties,
a few goodies, and some fun activities! 

 Kitty Paw Prints
Kitty Paw Prints

We are in need of wonderful loving foster homes for our kittens!  You will absolutely love the rewarding
experience of helping a small life grow to its potential and then helping it find its furrever home!

The Litter Box provides everything you need- follow the link to learn more about how you can help us save lives!
Foster Information

Mama Cat and Kittens from AnimateIt.net

Kitty Paw Prints
Kitty Paw Prints

 We are excited to announce that we submitted a grant to Adopt-A-Pet's Veterinary Fund Grant!  AND we won!!  We were 1 of 10 winners in the US & Canada!!  We are so proud & very excited to receive these funds- this means we can help more kitties!!


Thank you to Adopt-A-Pet.com!  We are so thrilled to be able to provide more preventatives for our kitties!! 
We cannot express how thankful we are for recieveing this grant!
Kitty Paw Prints
Kitty Paw Prints

March 2014:  We received a letter in the mail. I looked at the envelope & realized it was a check- because I was not expecting a check I  was a little excited! It was from Petco Foundation, so I ripped into it grabbing the letter that came with it- the letter read that The Litter Box was the proud recipient of the Tree of Hope campaign that runs through the holiday season. As I'm reading my husband has taken the rest of the envelope, including the check out of my hands so I can read the letter better- in a large, gasping voice he says, "Oh my goodness Keisha!" I looked at the check & we received $1000! I immediately started bawling and could barely read the rest of the letter!! So if you can picture me screaming, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" and hugging Nathan, then looking at the check, then hugging Nathan, wiping tears, then hugging Nathan, you would be picturing my reaction to a t. All inside my little post office- thank heavens it was after closing or else the lady would have called the insane asylum on me!

So with this story comes a tremendous thank you to everyone who donates through the register when Petco holds these campaigns! We know it is hard to consider giving a $1 sometimes, it's annoying for donation requests each time you shop- I get it! BUT please re-read the top paragraph & realize that your $1 goes to a cause that truly appreciates & needs it!

And the largest thank you of all is to Petco Foundation & our local Petco employees! Without the hard work & dedication of probing you for chunk change these guys would not have been able to choose us as a recipient! They rock on all levels & are considerate of how much it means to my rescue & the community to be able to provide for the kitties! Not all of them are still with Petco & there are some who are so new I don't know their names yet! BUT even as an outsider coming in to use the facility they are my family! They are monumental supporters and extraordinary friends!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petco logo     petco foundation

 June 2014:  Once Again we would like to thank the wonderful staff, our friends, at our local Petco for choosing us as
             the beneficiary to the Spring-A-Pet grant!  We received enough funding to purchase medicine needed          

     for all our sick rescues!  We cannot say 'thank you' loud enough to show how much we appreciate being chosen!  

Cat Paw Print

Kitty Paw Prints
Kitty Paw Prints

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