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Happy Easter from us to you!!!!
**All Kitties (5 months & older ) $40 Adoption Fee!**

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Welcome to The Litter Box Kitty Rescue, Inc. website!


2015 Seniors interested in doing senior projects with The Litter Box will need to sign up by May 2014- please email with inquiries & any project ideas you have floating in the ole brain!! We look forward to hearing from you!!

Jumping Easter Eggs from AnimateIt.net  

It's that time of year again!  The time when mommy cats show up toting 5 kittens behind her!  The time when mommy cat leaves behind beautiful little purr babies who cannot fend for themselves.  The time when Miss Kitty meets a gentleman & forgets about her future as s single lady!!  And the time when pet owners cannot care for litters of kittens or mommy herself!
YOU CAN HELP by becoming a foster for mommy, her kittens, or both! 
Would you open your heart & your home to make difference?? Would you give mommy that second chance she deserves?  How about her kittens?  Will you help care for them so they can find exceptional furrever homes??
If this sounds like a 'can-do' job for you please fill out a foster application to the left of this message under 'Foster Home Info'. 
You will never forget this rewarding experience!

Mama Cat and Kittens from AnimateIt.net

Jumping Easter Eggs from AnimateIt.net

Don't forget to check out our newest additions to the rescue!!!

Meet Dexter, Milo, Piper, Eadie, Sid, Trudy, Trixie & the babies!!

  Easter Bunny Kittens from AnimateIt.net


Look for us at Petco on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month! 
Our adoption events will include lots of sweet kitties, a few goodies, and some fun activities! 

You can also find us at the downtown Farmer's Market EVERY Saturday starting June the 5th!! 

 We are excited to announce that we submitted a grant to Adopt-A-Pet's Veterinary Fund Grant!  AND we won!!  We were 1 of 10 winners in the US & Canada!!  We are so proud & very excited to receive these funds- this means we can help more kitties!!


Thank you to Adopt-A-Pet.com!  We are so thrilled to be able to provide more preventatives for our kitties!! 
We cannot express how thankful we are for recieveing this grant!


 Check out photos on personal kitty profiles, by clicking the 'Animals' link.  And don't forget to fill out an application!!

Jumping Easter Eggs from AnimateIt.net

Read all about the wonderful rescue ventures The Litter Box has been able to take part in! 
You can find these stories on our "Amazing Rescue" page!

Cat Paw Print

  Jumping Easter Eggs from AnimateIt.net

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